Essential Everyday Nutrients for All Horses

Nutrequin Se is an exceptional value-for-money vitamin, mineral, essential amino acid and antioxidant formula, specifically designed to supplement horses on home-mixed diets or those consuming forage-only diets.

Why use Nutrequin Se?

  • A broad-spectrum vitamin, mineral, essential amino acid, and antioxidant supplement to ensure that nutrient requirements are met
  • Palatable, everyday, vitamin and mineral supplement
  • Natural vitamin E for superior bioavailability

When to use Nutrequin Se

  • Horses spelling or in light to moderate work
  • Horses grazing on selenium-deficient pastures
  • Supplementation of forage-only, home-mixed rations, or when premixed feeds are fed below the recommended feeding rates
  • For horses and ponies on restricted calorie diets to ensure that their daily nutrient requirements are met for overall health and well-being without adding unwanted calories

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